FUE Hair Transplant

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is an innovative surgical hair transplant treatment that removes each follicular unit individually from the scalp. This eliminates the need for removing a strip of tissue from the back of the scalp and prevents the scarring that is common in FUT procedures. The team at Tampa Center for Hair Restoration is proud to use the ground-breaking ARTAS® Robotic System to complete FUE surgeries.

What is the ARTAS® Robotic System?

The ARTAS® Robotic System is an FDA-approved hair restoration technology that provides minimally invasive and virtually pain-free hair transplantation without any stitching, scarring, or painful recovery time. This state-of-the-art robotic technology ensures precise results and eliminates the guesswork and fatigue involved in manual hair transplant procedures.

When you undergo an ARTAS® tampa hair transplant at Tampa Center for Hair Restoration, your doctor will evaluate the exact number of grafts you will need for optimal results. After using the robotic system to identify which hairs on your head will be most effective in the transplant procedure, he will harvest donor hairs with robotic precision and preserve the natural appearance of the donor area. Those healthy donor hairs will be transplanted into thinning and balding areas during a simple and comfortable procedure.

Benefits of FUE Using ARTAS® Robotic System

The ARTAS® system is unlike anything else available to combat unwanted hair loss and balding. Without any stitches, linear scarring, or significant pain, you can attain noticeably thicker hair in just six months. The ARTAS® system even utilizes an advanced algorithm to identify and precisely harvest and transplant the highest quality donor hairs. This gives you the best chance of attractive and permanent future hair growth.

If you’re not willing to accept your balding head and you want to efficiently reverse your hair loss, call 813-734-7426 to speak to a professional at Tampa Center for Hair Restoration about FUE surgery. Tampa Center for Hair Restoration is one of the few practices in the Tampa, Florida area to offer the innovative ARTAS® Robotic System to FUE patients. It won’t take long after your FUE procedure to look and feel years younger thanks to your full, natural head of hair.